Exhibition & Symposium

Pandemic Past / Hybrid Futures


Tieranatomisches Theater Berlin & Streaming

28. – 30. April 2022 


Tieranatomisches Theater Berlin
Philippstr. 13, Campus Nord, Haus 3, 10115 Berlin

28. April – 3. Juni 2022 

Open to the public, Mo – Fri, 14:00 -18:00

How hybrid is the future of theatre? In what ways has the pandemic changed how we work in theatre and gather in it as a public space? 

We would like to invite you to our Exhibition Opening & Symposium Viral Theatres: Pandemic Past/Hybrid Futures as we explore these questions. In three days of events we will take stock of how pandemic time has moved from state of exception to new normality between viral outbreak and containment and what that means for theatrical production.

The exhibition offers a look into the Living Archive with video and audio documents of pandemic theatre making and audience experience via interviews, rehearsal shadowing, video documentation and digital interactions.

The symposium brings together theatre practitioners and scholars in a series of workshop and roundtable discussions and the VR performance experiment “Marionette Theatre 3.0,” specifically developed for this exhibition. The performance collective Fevered Sleep will present their project This Grief Thing. The opening will also feature the guest performance Deep Godot by the independent performance group Interrobang.

The Viral Theatres Research Project, a collaboration of the Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt University Berlin & Bard College Berlin, is funded by the VolkswagenFoundation. The Opening/Symposium is co-financed by the Research Project “Extended Audiences” at the EXC 2020 “Temporal Communities” and takes place with kind support from the metalab@Harvard, the Harvard University Mahindra Humanities Center and the Open Society University Network.